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Colorado’s Award Winning Mountain Wedding Photographers based in Breckenridge and Denver, Colorado

What do you believe in? I believe that the bride is not complete without her groom. (or her bride or the groom without his groom – if that is your case) It is a day not just about one person, it is about the whole that you are about to make. The day is about connection. To each other, to the people you choose to celebrate this union with. I believe there are no rules for your wedding. Traditional to non traditional a wedding is what you make it because of what YOU believe in and how you envision it. There is no right or wrong way to do a wedding.

I believe there doesn’t always have to be 1 bride and 1 groom. I am a believer in equality and fully support and love my LGBT clients and am so happy that the US government is finally recognizing you for the beautiful people you are.

I believe the mountains are the best place to get married, followed by the ocean. I believe marriage is the most epic adventure. One that doesn’t end until the day you die and one that is constantly challenging you and changing you into the person you were meant to be. I believe there are no accidents. The universe has a way of working it self out.

I believe fly fishing on a sunny day is a perfect way to waste away a day. The feeling of the water over your waders and the cast of a fly rod is the epitome of relaxation to me. No phone, distractions, just me the water, and the fish.

I believe that people are innately good. The bad ones are taught to be that way. I believe in listening to the rain falling on the (tin) roof. Thanks Nora. I believe that Colorado is near perfect, all it needs is an ocean where the plains are. 😉 I believe that a dog is often more loyal than a person. The uncomplicated love they have for you is the best thing ever. I believe in living more carefree everyday because life is too short to worry, even though I do, inevitably.

Areas I frequent often include: Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain, Silverthorne, Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen, Snowmass, Ouray, Telluride, Gunnison, Colorado Springs, Estes Park, Lyons, Tabernash, Granby, Grand Lake, Steamboat Springs, Park City, Grand Tetons, Larkspur or anywhere my carefree romantic couples take me.

Places I would love to go: Anywhere in the Canadian mountains, New Zealand, The Alps, France, Italy, Scotland, or pretty much anywhere outdoors with an amazing views and laid back awesome people.